Spirit of Joy International (SOJI) aspires to rebuild, renew, and restore joy and dignity to the world by inspiring and helping people who are committed to serving others. We want to grow and expand the community of born-again believers so that we may help more individuals in the U.S. and abroad and bring the full gospel of the kingdom to the world.

WE ARE ON A MISSION TO EQUIP, CONNECT AND LAUNCH GLOBAL LEADERS, CHURCHES, BUSINESSES AND MINISTRIES for the purpose of advancing the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. SOJI is dedicated to relationally recognize, resource, and release the vision of global leaders. This ministry combines discipleship principles with kingdom priorities so the gospel can be proclaimed with power and effectiveness throughout the world.


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Co-founders Ernest and Priscilla Hernandez have been in ministry for over 40 years. Together they have four adult children and 9 grandchildren. Family wealth and remaining in healthy, thriving relationships with family are at the heart of everything they do and set out to accomplish. Together, they are mentors to many ministers and communities in the Inland Empire who affectionately refer to them as “Papa Ernie” and “Mama P”.

Ernest is SOJI’s Chief Visionary Officer and an ordained Apostle. He received his Master’s Degree in Christian Leadership from Hope International University. He is currently developing the Nonprofit program GOSOJI which helps start-up NPOs launch and get equipped to shape our world’s culture. Priscilla is a SOJI Board Member and an ordained Prophet. She received her Master’s Degree in Psychology from Hope International University. She is currently developing The Hernandez TBI Corp which benefits survivors of Traumatic Brain Injury, their families, and caregivers. Also, Priscilla has created Re_Vision, a personal counseling, life coaching business with workshops which guide people into clarity of identity and purpose to manifest their best future.


SOJI’s mission actually started as a personal calling for them in the 70’s. As, they began investing in people one-on-one, born-again believers experienced the kingdom of God growing in them. Their ministry matured, family grew, and mission expanded. A pivotal decision in the 80’s was made when Ernest and Priscilla established My Father’s House church. The church met in a garage in South Pomona, Ca., the community grew and moved to a building in the heart of Pomona. Over the next decade, Ernest and Priscilla followed God’s leading and launched leaders, ministries, and churches in the Inland Empire. In the mid-90’s, this revised vision birthed, Spirit of Joy Worship Center (SJWC) in Claremont, Ca. SJWC was a community “on the move” to many cities and eventually to Upland, California. In 2009, Ernest and Priscilla gave SJWC to Christian Garcia which now meets in Ontario, Ca as Joy City. This transition gave way to establishing the global 5-fold ministry, SOJI. Throughout their 40 years in ministry, they have traveled to several countries to share the gospel and raise up leaders internationally. Their work in Africa has included developing a fully accredited school of ministry and an orphanage in Uganda.

May God abundantly bless you! 

~ the Hernandez Family